www.Microsoft.com is live on IIS7 beta 3 - are you?

The www.Microsoft.com guys have been running IIS7 on some of their servers since early beta days, but I was excited to get an email this week which announced that they are running IIS7 on all of their servers!  (except for a single box which they use to do comparative studies with). 

Here are some interesting stats about the deployment which they forwarded along:

Availability YTD – 99.83% (Measured by Keynote Systems, Inc.)

  • 0% Impact to Availability during upgrade to Beta 3
  • 99%+ of hosted App’s upgraded without any change required

Audience Reach - #4 in U.S (65M UU) & #5 worldwide (287M UU)


Hosting Model  –2 Internet Data Centers &  80 Web Servers

  • 500+ Vroots, 350+ IIS Web Applications & 12 Application Pools
  • 10,000 Requests/Sec & 300,000 Concurrent Connections

Working with the microsoft.com team is awesome.  These guys are well known for their operations excellence and they often times travel with the product team to events like TechEd and MIX to give presentations.  They are really great to work with because even though they have an important site to maintain, they have architected their operations such that they can deploy pre-beta software and find really great bugs (the kind that can only be found in real production environments) without impacting their quality of service.  Thanks to them, there were many IIS7 bugs found and fixed before you ever saw the product. 

We announced the IIS7 GoLive program with Beta 3 which provides a free license to anyone in the world who wants to take IIS7 live.  I can't think of better proof that the product is ready than seeing the microsoft.com team deploy IIS7.  Go Live Today!


  • WOW !!! Look at all those trackbacks and love. Now you need to give us the dirty scoop on how well the migration went, what happened you didn't expect, etc. How about I fly up there an video some interviews?

  • Hi Keith - I'd be happy to introduce you to the ms.com guys next time you're around. ;)

  • 99.83% availability is great. What was it under IIS6? How much of an improvement is this?

    99%+ of hosted App’s upgraded without any change required - can they share the couple of changes that they did have to make. At least categories of changes, so we can look for the same gotchas in our upgrade planning? Or is there already a resource for that?

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