Web Farm Framework 2.0 beta released!

Last week my team released a super powerful update to our Web Farm Framework project aimed at dramatically simplifying the complexity of managing a Web farm (many computers running one or more Web sites). 

Web Farm Framework 2.0 (WFF) allows users to not only setup groups of servers and define routing rules using the built-in routing and load balancing support in ARR, but extends the management support to include many new powerful experiences, including:

  • Automatic platform setup and provisioning of new nodes
    • WFF integrates with Web Platform Installer and will automatically install all the required components to mirror the master node
  • Application replication and synchronization across the Web server farm
    • WFF integrates with Web Deploy and can automatically sync all Web site content, configuration and other dependencies across the farm
  • Zero-downtime deployment
    • WFF can do rolling upgrades of nodes in the farm without impacting overall service uptime
  • Built-in health monitoring, logging and trace information for the entire farm
  • Completely extensible model for building custom providers for the Web farm framework
    • Aggregate log files, performance counters, event log data, or take custom actions


Read more about Web Farm Framework and see screen shots on Ruslan’s blog post.  Documentation for the beta is available on the learn.iis.net site.  Download Web Farm Framework with Web PI.  Join the Web Farm Framework forum to give feedback, ask questions and get help. 

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