Now available: WebMatrix

WebMatrix is now available in final release form. :)


What is WebMatrix?

I first posted at the debut of WebMatrix beta back in July, describing WebMatrix as a complete Web development stack for pragmatic developers.  WebMatrix elegantly integrates a Web server (IIS Express), database (SQL Compact) and programming frameworks (ASP.NET and PHP) into a single, integrated experience.


Learn More and See it in Action

You can learn more and see it in action on the WebMatrix home page.  A list of some of the cool features is also online.  Laurence Moroney also wrote a great tutorial for those who are new to Web development and want to get started with WebMatrix.  

WebMatrix makes it very easy to start a Web site using open source, including some of the most popular applications available like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, ScrewTurn Wiki, and BlogEngine.NET.


Join the WebMatrix Launch Event

Today at 12:30 EST we’ll be live streaming from CodeMesh the launch of WebMatrix.  If you missed the event, on demand videos and post-launch interviews are available at the launch site


More to come…

The news is just starting to pour in on launch day, one of my favorites is Jack into the WebMatrix. ;)

WebMatrix was a labor of love… it is the kind of Web development tool I would have loved to have 15 years ago when I started Web development, and it will only get better from here.  The team behind it is committed to excellence, passionate about Web development and a bunch of hard working folks.  WebMatrix started one year ago this month…and it is awesome to see how much was accomplished in just one year.  And it is just the beginning…while we’re celebrating today, we’ll be starting v2 tomorrow. 

Today marks not only the launch of WebMatrix, but a series of updates to the Microsoft Web Platform my team builds.  Stay tuned, I’ll be blogging more today and throughout the coming week as we launch a ton of exciting new software for the Web. 


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