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  • IIS7 - Vista vs. Longhorn Server

    I'm often asked the question:  if IIS7 is shipping in Vista, why isn't it also available on a Server OS?  After all, what good is it to have IIS7 only on Vista right now, when I can't actually deploy anything on Vista?

  • IIS7 RC1 out the door

    You may be wondering what I've been doing since the last set of blog posts, which went out shortly after Vista Beta 2 shipped.  Although I'm sure it hasn't kept you up at night, let me reassure you, we've been very, very busy.  :)  With RC1 available for testing, I've re-committed to start blogging again.  The IIS team is now pretty much done with IIS7 in Vista.  We currently have only a handful of real bugs left to fix before Vista is complete, and we've already begun shifting our focus to Longhorn Server (another blog post coming on this).