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  • Real-time XHTML Validator for IIS7 guys have posted a great blog entry which demonstrates the power of IIS7's integrated pipeline, and provides a useful new feature for Web developers on IIS7. Last February, they wrote an ASP.NET module that could dynamically validate markup generated by your ASPX pages for valid XHTML. It is a a really useful cool, and makes it really simple to test your pages for browser compatibility and compliance. The only downside: since it is an ASP.NET module, on all versions of IIS prior to IIS7, it would only work for ASP.NET content.

    IIS7 changes that, by allowing modules and handlers to be written using managed code for all types of content. Using the same IHttpModule and IHttpHandler APIs, developers can now write managed code extensions to the Web server which can intercept and serve all types of requests. And best of all, we built the extensibility model to be as compatible as possible with existing ASP.NET extensions. With a few simple configuration changes, your ASP.NET modules and handlers can now work with all types of content.

    The guys show off how in their blog post XHTML Validator for All. Using the new IIS7 Admin tool, they wire up their module for a static HTML application. Without a single code change, their XHTML Validator works perfectly with static HTML pages, classic ASP, or even PHP! Check it out!