Now Online: Comprehensive IIS7 Technical Reference

If you’ve ever tried to find information on how to install a particular IIS7 feature, or how to configure it using the IIS Manager tool, AppCmd.exe, the new Microsoft.Web.Administration interface or WMI provider, this post is for you. 

Every IIS7 feature is now comprehensively documented on 

This IIS7 Technical Reference provides a list of all the built-in IIS7 features, alphabetized for quick access.  If you know the configuration name you are interested in, just type it into the URL…for example if you’re looking for information on the system.webServer <caching> setting, type: and whoila, you now have a complete set of reference material on the subject.  Literally hundreds of pages of documentation are now freely available at and super easy to access. 

Each topic has a quick summary of what the feature is, how to install the feature as well as a quick “how-to” article (with pictures) on locating and using the feature inside IIS Manager.  Each feature is carefully documented with comprehensive information on the configuration section behind each feature including information on each attribute, it’s type and default value as well as sample configuration.  And perhaps best of all, every topic also has sample code for how to use the feature from AppCmd.exe, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript and VBScript!  No more scavenging the forums or live search for sample code!

This reference guide could not have happened without a lot of hard work by many, especially Robert McMurray and Pete Harris (the mysterious man behind the site).  Many thanks to them, we hope you enjoy this new section on our community site!

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