IIS7 is finished

After 4+ years of development, the IIS7 project is now complete.  Today we signed off on the final build of Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1, both of which include our final build of IIS7.   

IIS7 is the biggest and best release of IIS ever, and it would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of this team.  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to it over the years.  This was truly more than just another job, it was a labor of love for many of us.  After having crossed so many hard engineering and political battlefields, it feels great to deliver a product that will fundamentally enhance and improve the way our customers build, deploy, manage and operate the Web around the world. 

Thanks again for your patience over the years while we worked to make IIS7 rock solid reliable, secure, feature-rich and fast.  Many thanks to the numerous IIS7 champions out there who have helped shape the product and been fans of our work going back all the way to 2004 when we first started previewing our designs. 

In the coming weeks leading up to the official launch, you can look forward to a huge site refresh with tons of new content, lots of great stories from customers like you who have tried IIS7, and the release of several new features available for download on top of IIS7.  Stay tuned on http://iis.net/

IIS7 is finished.  Enjoy.



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