DiscountASP.NET offers beta IIS Manager extensions

DiscountASP.NET - a great low-cost Windows/IIS7 hosting provider - has agreed to offer the current Admin Pack and Database Manager extensions for "IIS Manager" free to their customers.  I connected up to their test server from my home PC, via my cable modem connection, and was amazed at the performance - it is really very cool to manage a remote SQL Server, from inside IIS Manager, with a secure, delegated connection. 

We approached the DiscountASP.NET guys with a special offer to allow them to test these two extensions so that we can get some real-world feedback on how they work in a hosted environment.  If you are one of their customers, please try them out and give us feedback!  If you are one of our hosting partners and you're interested in providing IIS Manager extensions to your customer, please contact me!

Thanks for being a great partner, DiscountASP.NET!


  • Awesome. ;-)

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    Mark Wisecarver
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  • Great advert Bill. You getting commission? ;)

  • Rovastar - nope, no commission. But I do value partners who are willing to test our early bits and give us feedback, especially in real-world environments like this. It makes the product better for everyone. And I welcome any other hosters to email me if they are interested in doing the same.

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