IIS.NET DownloadCENTER is now Live!!!

I'm really excited to announce that DownloadCENTER is now live and kicking on IIS.net.  Simply click "Downloads" on the IIS.NET site and enjoy our latest addition.  DownloadCENTER is a community hotspot for discovering, sharing, reviewing and promoting IIS-related solutions in a single place. What better way to celebrate the Vista launch! ;) 

IIS.NET DownloadCENTER is for everyone.  Got something for IIS you think is useful?  Share it!  Need a tool or download for IIS?  Find it!  Like something you've used?  Review it! 

The DownloadCenter is truly a for-the-community, by-the-community section of IIS.net. This has always been our intention with IIS.net and so far we’ve seen the community voice speak out through the forums and in comments to our blogs. Now with the DownloadCenter, the community can really participate in the site in a big way.  I heartily recommend everyone subscribe to the RSS feed ASAP - so you can get notified of all new downloads as they come online. 


Here are a couple of quick tips for how to use the site:

+ Looking for something?  You can easily find stuff by keyword or category.  If you want to search for a download by keyword, just enter the keyword in the textbox.  Use * as a wildcard search character.  If you want to browse by category, just click the 'Browse' link, or use the links on the left navigation pane under 'categories'. 

+ Want to submit something to the site?  Just click the 'contribute' link on the DownloadCENTER home page.  Once you're logged on, you can submit any script, tool, extension or code to the DownloadCENTER for review.  Once it is approved, it will show up in the 'recently featured' items list. 

+ Want to provide more information about you or your company?  Click on the contribute link and click "edit profile".  You'll be able to share information about your company on IIS.net, and we'll associate all of your contributions with your profile. 

We'll be selecting featured downloads on a regular basis from the community to spotlight in the 'Featured" section.  Are you a developer with solutions you want to share or sell?  There has never been a better place to list your Web site and solution than DownloadCENTER.  We're also announcing the IIS Strategic Commercial Partners program to help you promote your solutions - check it out here

To coincide with the Vista launch, we've also added a few new banners to the IIS.net home page.  Here is my favorite for some reason - it always cracks me up: 

Now answer me this:  who is the catsup and who is the fry? 

And finally....a BIG thank you!  When we started this project - probably four to five months ago - I told the guys I wanted us to take the IIS.NET site up a notch - visually, and functionally.  I wanted people to go to the downloads page and say "Whoah!  Those guys know something about the Web".  It took a lot of design iterations (thanks Kevin for being so patient!), a lot of planning and specing (ChrisAd rocks!) and a lot of coding (Scott is a rockstar!) but they really took me serious, and they seriously delivered. 

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