IIS Media Services 3.0 Released!

IIS Media Services 3.0 has been released and is now available as a free download for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2!  Chris Knowlton has a comprehensive post on the release and all the details, here is a quick summary:


IIS Media Services, an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform, delivers true HD (720p+) streaming and provides real-time logging to measure media investments. By offering a complete media delivery platform together with a traditional Web server, rich dynamic Web sites can now be managed and administered from a single Web platform.  IIS Media Services offers the highest quality streaming media experience available on the Web. 


Server Features:

With this release, the key elements of the IIS media server platform now include:

· Smooth Streaming, adaptive streaming of media over HTTP

· Live Smooth Streaming, for live adaptive streaming of broadcast events

· Bit Rate Throttling, meters the speed that media is delivered to a player

· Web Playlists, secure sequencing of media content

· Advanced Logging, with real-time client- and server-side logging

· Application Request Routing (ARR), providing HTTP proxying and caching

Client / SDK Features:

We have also released a Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit, which allows developers to easily create Smooth Streaming experiences using Silverlight. Supported features include PlayReady, DVR controls, instant replay, slow motion, multiple camera angles, alternate audio tracks, content protection, ad integration, in-stream data feeds, and more.

Download IIS Media Services today, and let us know what you think in our Forum.

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