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  • Application Pool warm-up

    I had a post the other day on that I did some research and wanted to share.  It was regarding Application Pool warm-ups.  Currently, there is no settings to help after a recycle, crash of an app pool etc.   ASP.NET 4.0 has some configuration posted here.  I know IIS 7.5 will have the plumbing to support this.   A few searchs on the internet (Google, Live) shows there is plenty of Sharepoint warm-up scripts and ideas.  Sharepoint is dreadfully slow on warm-up.   Here are a couple of handle links I found.

  • Configure Passive (PASV) ports for FTP 7 - w/pictures

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, in this case it's worth every one.  Recently in the forums @, a few posts came up people trying to setup FTP over SSL with an external firewall.  They were running into issues where they could connect, but couldn't get a directory list.  After answering a few threads stating the configuration to support FTP over SSL with PASV ports.   I thought I would blog what few steps to complete the config.    This blog isn't meant to be the 'end all be all', but will be a targeted post to help people visually.

  • Metabase ACL's reference KB

    This is one of those KB articles I stumbled across on Metabase ACL's.  I know IIS 7 doesn't formally have the metabase except for compat reasons, but this is handy for IIS 6 and below.