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  • Stay up with your favorite IIS forum w/forum subscriptions feature @

    A majority of my geek time is spent at work, like most people.  It's hard to keep up on technology coming out of Redmond.   In past years, I would subscribe to several 'list-servs' on various content, then review the data when I had some extra time.  It was a nice passive way to keep up on technology and pick up on some tidbits.  I still do this for some technologies.  With the popularity of Twitter, Facebook and other ways people are sharing information.  It's not quite as easy IMO.  The group I followed are HUGE twitter users, I kind of find this noisy and hard to keep up.  Twitter has recently released 'groups' or 'lists' which you can group people.  I haven't taken time to subscribe and group people.  Anywho! 

  • ODBC Logging, IIS 7.5, SQL Server 2008

    I wrote an article in 2007 how to setup ODBC Logging on IIS 7.0.   There was a post recently in the newsgroups someone wanted to setup and couldn't get it working.  My article uses sql server 2005, IIS 7.0.  I was able to reproduce an issue on my test server (Windows Server 2008 R2, x64).  Here are some items I ran into.