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  • Updated IIS 7 Configuration Reference

    One of the many projects that I've been working on for the past several months is an updated version of the IIS 7 configuration reference that describes every configuration setting for IIS in detail, which is located at the following URL:

  • Using FTP with Different Account Types

    I was going through some of my notes the other day and I stumbled across the following chart that I thought I'd share. I put this chart together for a coworker that had asked me about some of the advantages and disadvantages when using different account types with FTP.

  • Outlook Macros Part 2: Cleaning Up Your Calendar

    Continuing my brief departure from my normal IIS-related blogs and looking at Office Outlook again, today's blog looks at cleaning up your calendar. If you read my previous blog about Moving Emails Into Personal Folders, you would have read about my need to clean up my mail folders because I was running out of room on my Exchange server. A short time before that situation I had run into a different issue: I was looking through my calendar and I discovered that I had several meetings in my calendar that were from many years ago - in fact, I had a few meetings in my calendar that were well over ten years old!