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  • Automatically Creating Checksum Files for FTP Uploads

    I had a great question in the publishing forums on, where someone was asking if FTP 7 supported the XCRC command. The short answer is that the XCRC command is not supported, but I came up with a way to create an FTP provider that supports something like it. Since it was a rather fun code sample to write, I thought that I'd turn it into a blog.

  • Merging FTP Extensibility Walkthroughs

    Over the past several months I’ve been publishing a series of walkthroughs that use the extensibility in FTP 7.5 to create a several custom providers for a variety of scenarios, and today I posted my most recent entry in the series:

  • Using Apple's WebDavFS for Mac OS X with WebDAV on IIS 7

    Today's blog post needs to have a disclaimer right up front - I freely admit I'm not a Mac OS X expert, so I may not have everything 100% correct in this post. But I've seen a lot of questions on that discuss using IIS WebDAV with Mac OS X, so I thought that I'd share a few of the things that I've noticed. Just the same, if I were writing a formal walkthrough I would have said something like, "Microsoft is not responsible for the behavior of Apple's Mac family of products. The information that is provided in this topic is provided to assist Mac OS X users connect to IIS using WebDAV."