Deleting IIS Web Sites, Applications and their Content with Web Deploy


While supporting customers on the Web Platform Installer forums, a frequent question is “How do  I uninstall or remove Web App Gallery applications?”. Since there is no MSI or installer package these are not added to the Windows Programs menu so how can we achieve this ?

The answer comes in the same tool used to install the package, the Web Deployment Tool ( Web Deploy).


When installed on IIS 7.0 or later Web Deploy adds a context menu item to IIS manager called Deploy.

There are multiple actions available here one of which is the Delete action. There are two options depending on what node you have selected in IIS manager:


  • Web site :   Deploy >> Delete Web Site and Content
  • Application: Deploy >> Delete Application and Content





Once you have made the selection you will be warned that there is no recovery so make sure you BACK UP if you want to restore the information at another time.





And that’s all there is to it, the web site / application and associated content are now deleted.  I hope you find this helpful!

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