Announcing: Microsoft Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Azure Media Services team is very pleased to announce Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 aligned with the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 at //Build/ conference today.

This release includes the same features as Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8/8.1 and also uses the same API set which will help unifying development afford across Windows, Windows Phone and XBOX ONE applications.




 Smooth Streaming Client SDK release supports:

  • WP 8.1 store app XAML and HTML5/JS applications
  • On-demand Playback (Play, Pause, Seek, Stop)
  • Live playback with seeking capabilities (Play, Pause, Seek, Go-to-Live)*
  • Support for video codes - H.264, VC-1
  • Support for Audio codecs - AAC, WMA Pro
  • Multiple audio language switching with APIs*
  • Track-selection for playback (for example, restrict the available bitrates)*
  • Text and Spare Track APIs*
  • Content protection -

Microsoft PlayReady integration.(PlayReady SDK can be downloaded from here)

  • Trickplay (slow motion, fast-forward and rewind)

(**) this version is only supported on Windows Phone 8.1 and with Visual Studio 2013 update 2. You can get the Windows 8 version from here and Windows 8.1 version from here.

(*) Some of these features aren't supported with Windows Phone 8.1 default APIs. To enable these features, you need to use the Smooth Streaming Client SDK APIs.

Getting started 

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