PowerShell script generation in IIS Configuration Editor

This is "simple", yet it is definitely one of my favorite features in IIS 8.0 beta.

As you know, the IIS configuration system is built on a schematized XML, applicationHost.config.   While the IIS Manager does expose the most common administration tasks via the UI, it does not expose every configuration parameter.   To address this "gap", the IIS Configuration Editor was introduced (as an IIS Extension on IIS 7.0 and as an in-box feature on IIS 7.5).   In addition to being able to make every configuration change using the UI, the IIS Configuration Editor also generates the corresponding C#, JavaScript and AppCmd scripts.   With IIS 8.0 beta, it now also generates PowerShell:

1) Simply double-click on Configuration Editor:

2) Make the desired changes:

3) Under "Actions", click on "Generate Script":

4) Locate the new tab, PowerShell:

And now you can embed the generated script for your use.    Yes, "simple", yet very powerful tool.

Hope you are enjoying the new features in IIS 8.0 beta.   Please feel free to provide feedback.


  • The PS provider syntax is a bit crytic to remember but using the Configuration Editor I've done 1000's of times to get the appcmd syntax, now I can use powershell!!!

    MS does listen to feedback, tx for adding this!

  • Is there any way to add this capability to servers running older versions of IIS (i.e, 2003 and/or 2008?)

  • Cannot see the "Generate Script" action in IIS 8.5 Configration Editor.

    I am I missing something, or have things changed since the IIS 8.0 beta mentioned above ?

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