Announcing: Smooth Streaming Client SDK (Beta) for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

On Wednesday, February 29, Windows division proudly unveiled the Windows 8 Consumer Preview release to the world. As of Friday March 9, we are excited to announce a beta of the new Smooth Streaming Client for Windows 8, which provides capabilities to integrate Smooth Streaming to video element in Windows 8 Metro style apps. Aligned to this release is the release of Player Framework for Windows 8 that makes it easy for you to build rich apps that consume video and provides player controls that you can use in your Windows Metro Style Applications.

Using Player Framework and Smooth Streaming Client SDK you can build rich media experiences on Windows 8 using the same back-end infrastructure you use today to target Smooth Streaming playback to other devices like browser, Windows Phone, Set-top boxes, other mobile devices and so on.


This version of the Smooth Streaming Client and Player Framework lights the following capabilities with the video element:

  • On-demand Playback (Play, Pause, Stop, Seek)
  • Live Playback (Playback)
  • VC-1 and H.264 codec support
  • Content Protection w/ PlayReady integration

Getting Started

The initial documentation is available through Readme included with the release, and you can download the Smooth Streaming Client for Windows 8 (Beta) from the Visual Studio Gallery.

To help you get started with this new SDK using the Player Framework, we’re providing a getting started documentation on CodePlex. To get started developing on Windows 8 you should head over to the Windows 8 Dev Center.

For more information on the Smooth Streaming Platform and ecosystem you can visit Media and Microsoft Media Platform sites.


As this is a beta release, you’re likely to hit issues, have feature requests, or want to provide general feedback—we want to hear it all! Please use the Smooth Streaming Client on Windows 8 Forum thread to let us know what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can improve your Smooth Streaming development experience for Metro style apps.

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