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  • Send an email when an event is logged

    As a systems administrator you may find yourself spending a significant amount of time in Event Viewer looking for specific events.  You will be happy to know that there is a new feature that shipped with Windows 2008 and all versions of Windows Server since then that allows you to attach events to a log file so that you can configure a specific action to occur.  There is a way to do this in previous versions of Windows Server that is covered below.

  • What the Marine Corps taught me about customer service

    I am a big supporter of all those who are serving or who have served in all the branches of the United States military.  As a former Marine I understand what they have been through and all they have sacrificed for their country.  With Veteran’s Day right around the corner I want to take a step back in time and focus on a non technical topic.

  • IIS 8 FTP

    This post began its life as ‘What’s new in IIS 8 FTP’ but has since morphed into something quite different.  As the ultimate goal is still to talk about what’s new with FTP for IIS 8, I have retained IIS, 8, and FTP in the title but nothing more.

  • Perform a clean startup of Windows the easy way

    From time to time you may experience issues with a program not working as expected on your Windows computer.  To assist in troubleshooting, Microsoft has included a tool that many have forgotten about even though it has been around since Windows 98.  The tool is called System Configuration and is accessed by typing msconfig in the start menu.  You will note that making changes to any of the options in the utility will require a restart of your system to take effect.