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  • AppCmd syntax to add FTP IpV4 Address and Domain Restrictions

    I just helped one of my customer writing a script which would add FTP IpV4 Address and Domain Restrictions into the applicationHost.config file. “Configuration Editor” came handy to nail this command. I would say, anybody and everybody wanted to play with AppCmd, and stuck, try your hands on this Configuration Editor which is a part of Administration Pack (still CTP2 at the time of writing) which gives you everything you need – Managed code (C#), Scription (JavaScript) and Command Line (Appcmd) syntax. Below are the commands:

  • IIS – Rejecting a request from a specific client type(browser) | ISAPI Filter Example

    Recently I’ve come across a discussion where a particular type of client request should be blocked. Say for an example, you need to block requests from a client called “TrustMe”; consider a scenario where you need to serve pages only for Internet Explorer 7 clients, not IE6.0 clients. This kind of requests are not so common, but there would be someone who may need this. Hence, this blog post :-)