The Web Deployment Tool Beta 2 is now available!

The IIS team is proud to announce the latest release of the Web Deployment Tool Beta 2, which includes significant new features for both IT professionals and developers.  In addition to our existing functionality of server synchronization and migration, but we’ve added web application packaging and deployment with integration with IIS Manager and the upcoming Visual Studio 2010!

Because the Beta 2 release has brand-new functionality around application packaging not previously available, this release is not a production-ready or Go Live release. We will be changing and adding more functionality in the next milestone after Beta 2.

Easily deploy, store and redeploy Web applications.
The Web Deployment Tool enables you to package configuration and content of your installed Web applications, including SQL databases, and use the packages for storage or redeployment. These packages, which may include certificates, can be deployed using the IIS Manager interface without requiring administrative privileges. This tool also integrates in Visual Studio 2010, which helps developers streamline the development and deployment of Web applications.

Efficiently synchronize your server farm.
The Web Deployment Tool allows you to efficiently synchronize sites, applications or servers across your IIS 7.0 server farm by transferring only those changes which need synchronization. The tool simplifies the process by automatically determining the configuration, content, databases and certificates to be synchronized for a specific site. In addition to the default behavior, you still have the option to specify additional “providers” for the synchronization to modify COM, GAC and registry settings.

Migrate Web applications between IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 with ease.
Simplify the planning of your IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0 migrations by determining incompatibilities and previewing the proposed changes before starting the process. Learning about any potential issues in advance gives you the chance to take corrective measures considerably improving your chances of having a smooth execution of your migration.

We have some new walkthroughs to help you understand and try out the application deployment process in the IIS Manager. Please try out the tool and give us feedback in the forums. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and what else you’d like to see us add.


x86 version:
x64 version:

Learn the Basics (Quick Guides)
1. Web Deployment Tool Overview (overview of the features) 
Installing the Web Deployment Tool (installation and remote service options)

Learn How to Package and Deploy (Quick Guides)
1. Create a Package (creating a package including content, databases and more) 
Install a Package (deploying the package to a local or remote machine)
Configure the Web Deployment Handler (enable deployment to an IIS 7.0 server)

More quick guides can be found at the Web Deployment Tool main page.

Get Help or Interact with the Community
Web Deployment Tool forum:
Web Deployment Team blog: 

Happy deployments!


  • How do I create a package from source, view API or command line? We'd love to hook this up to an existing build server and deploy applications from source control. Did I mention I don't want to wait until vs10 is available. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Can I with MSDeploy deploy my application to the production server with a SCM as source like TFS or Subversion without to have the latest source code on my computer?


  • To the people with questions:
    Please post on the forums -- there are more people monitoring for questions there, and the answers will be available for others who might have the same issues.



  • I was curious how you are positioning this vs. using MSI and WIX? Can you give some examples of when to use MSI and when to use MSDeploy?


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