Introducing a new Beta of Web Deploy v2!

The Web Deploy team is excited to announce a new Beta of Web Deploy v2.

Download the English x86 and x64 installers (more languages are coming in the final release)

Got feedback?

We would love to hear from you. E-mail us: wdeploy at microsoft dot com with your thoughts.

Summary of changes:

- Lots of bug fixes: We spent a ton of time taking care of quirks and bugs. This release is more stable and complete than v1.1.

- Integration with developer tools: In this release, we focused on making Web Deploy work better with new developer tools like IIS Express and WebMatrix. Many of the cool new deployment features in WebMatrix (such as Download Published Site) are actually powered by Web Deploy v2. Also, Web Deploy now maintains a programmatically-accessible application definition store in IIS Express, which caches manifest.xml, parameters.xml and last values provided for parameters.xml. This allows an application to be published to another server even after it has been installed on your computer.

- Side-by-side setup: Web Deploy can now exist side-by-side with older versions. If you install v2, you will notice that it lives in a different folder. You can try out new features without having to uninstall older versions. v2 is also backwards compatible at the API level.

- New and updated providers:

- (new) sqlite: supports transferring SQLite databases

- (updated) dbFullSql: now supports transferring SQL Server Compact databases

- (updated) gacAssembly: now supports syncing an assembly from source to destination even if it’s not installed in the GAC of the source machine


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