IIS Transform Manager 1.0 Released!

IIS Transform ManagerToday, after a year of development, testing, and early adopter program feedback from a terrific group of trial customers, we are announcing the official release of IIS Transform Manager 1.0.

This media workflow, encoding, and content encryption tool was first released as a Beta at NAB 2011.  We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our early adopters who provided great feedback and testing and the wider public for their input through our IIS Media Forum.   Over the last year, we have received great feedback, encoded and packaged tens of thousands of videos with customers in production, and received excellent feedback on our feature set which has helped us improve the software’s quality and stability.

We worked closely with our early adopter customers to make this product extremely robust and extensible for usage in real-world, high volume content production scenarios. Transform Manager, or TM as we call it, is being used by many content providers to encode, encrypt with PlayReady, and deliver to multiple formats including MP4, Smooth Streaming, and Apple HTTP Live Streaming. 

With this release behind us, many of you may already be aware that we are currently shifting our focus to the cloud. The new Windows Azure Media Services announced at NAB is our next major push, and you will begin to see this in action starting next week when we open the Preview up for the public. 

A lot of the learning, experience, and technology that went into making Transform Manager a scalable and extensible tool on-premises will be moved into a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that any Windows Azure developer can sign up for and take advantage of.  We have taken the knowledge from TM and re-architected it from the ground up to take advantage of the benefits and scale of cloud computing on Windows Azure.

As we move forward into the cloud, we will again look to our great community to give us continued feedback on the migration path from on-premises to cloud based encoding, encryption, and delivery of media. The transition won’t be immediate for all, but we see tremendous potential for handling media workflows that require spinning up a lot of resources quickly and cost-effectively for our customers.

For more information on the TM release, and what is coming soon please check out the following links:

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with these exciting new technologies and how they can meet media workflow needs: to complement or augment the capabilities offered by Transform Manager.

More details on Windows Azure Media Services coming next week, so continue to check back for updates. I’m looking forward to writing a lot more articles for you in the coming weeks.

Finally – here are the direct Download links for TM:

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  • I am SO SO SO SO happy to see this release!!!! A bazillion thanks to you all!!!
    Awesome team! (I just can't seem to contain my excitement here. Hahaha)

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