Official Release of FastCGI Extension for IIS6

Today at TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona, Bob Kelly announced the official release of the FastCGI Extension for IIS 6.0. This means customers now have reliable, high-performance hosting for PHP and other CGI-based applications on production Windows servers with full support from Microsoft.

The FastCGI extension allows IIS to reuse CGI processes for multiple requests which greatly improves the performance of PHP applications on Windows. This is exciting as many people at Microsoft have been working hard to make sure popular PHP applications work great on Windows.

Another great part of this news is that Zend has validated their Zend Core offering, a certified and supported version of PHP, on this release of FastCGI.

There are lots of resources on to help get you started with FastCGI.

And don't forget to look forward to the great support for PHP on IIS 7.0.


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