Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 Released

The newly released Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager pulls together an end-to-end video workflow that allows you to create live streaming events, transcode on-demand content, manage and publish video, edit video, and insert mid-roll advertisements. This open-source release can be used by enterprises, educational institutions, and broadcasting companies to manage their video assets using a lightweight and highly-customizable solution built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) technologies, including Silverlight 4, IIS Media Services 4.0, and Expression Encoder 4.

The MMP Content Manager is one of four MMP frameworks optimized around IIS Smooth Streaming and its open-specification adaptive streaming file format, known as PIFF (the Protected Interoperable File Format, adopted by the likes of Ultraviolet and Netflix). It greatly simplifies the workflow for complex video streaming events, such as PDC 2010 and the types shown on the IIS Media Case Studies page.

To learn more about the MMP Content Manager, see the following resources…

Update (October 28, 2011):  Content Manager 1.1 has been released - read more about it


  • Hi Chris,

    I just go thru the content manager documentation and these 2 items are not clear to me:
    1) Is the AD insertion working with Video On Demand as-well?
    2) Is there any specific AD section with detailed statistics etc?
    3) Is there a need for CAL's to be reserved for regular users watching media streem via player?


  • on installing MMPCM on sharepoint foundation i cant see all the features of MMPCM

  • Hi,

    is it possible with this solution to define some kind of security to prevent people to see video content they are not allowed to ?
    for example video for directors are not viewable for employe, but video for employe are viewable by directors ?

    that kind of security example is not in the Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager doc...


  • Hi Chris,

    I believe I have the pieces install and the SharePoint sites configured. I have uploaded a sample file asset, but I'm not sure how the short url is to be configured. Is this the path to the manifest?


  • Where can I find the sources for the Content Manager?

  • Hello,

    We are using the MMPCM right now. May I ask if I can add the customized column to the MMPCM's asset list?!

    I do know the MMPCM's video asset list has plenty of the meta-data attribute for the user tagging the information. However, we want to add more information for the video information. We tried a lot with Sharepoint function to add the customized columns, but in vain. May I ask does the MMPCM support this function? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I’m part of the Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager support team.

    We added your questions to the GitHub Issue tracker:

    You can watch the GitHub repository to be aware of any code update or new issue. Also, you can post any new issues you may find,


  • Hi Guido,

    I have added to the Issues lists in a few different spots but it looks like the forum is dead.

    Can you help with MMPCM issues?


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