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  • Configuring SSL using Javascript in IIS 7.0

    In IIS 7.0 the configuration system has a nice feature that lets you extend it using what we sometimes refer as dynamic properties. This properties rather than being hard-coded in XML in some .config file they are implemented by COM interface that whenever a tool queries its value, the configuration system will create an instance of such a COM object and will query its value (through the IAppHostPropertyExtension interface). In our configuration system we used this capability to surface some runtime features such as the state of an Application Pool. We also used this feature to expose the SSL Certificate configured in a site binding. Furthermore, this extensibility also allows us to expose methods that provide functionality in a very similar way (through the IAppHostMethodExtension interface). We used this capability to provide functionality such as recycling an Application Pool, restarting a Site, or adding a certificate to a binding.

  • Back again

    For the past month its been pretty quiet in my blog since I have been a little bit busy with the best thing that has happened in my life, my first baby Sofia was borne and today we are celebrating her first month. Days have been incredibly full of love, fun and joy (but certainly not of sleep). Now nights are much better, sleeping for a few hours now and back at work with lots of enthusiasm for the upcoming work in IIS and the incredibly exiting times at the team. So now by blog should show a bit more activity moving forward.