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  • Updated unofficial PowerApps Connectors Reference

    PowerApps and Microsoft Flow capabilities to connect to new data sources continues to expand on a weekly basis allowing you to create applications that mashup data from top SaaS providers easier than any other platform. We include now more than 105 connectors and the list continues to grow quickly. This week there are several new...

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  • Creating a weather app using PowerApps

    One of the great things about PowerApps is that every month it gets better and better with more capabilities in the platform as well as new connectors that provide more flexibility connecting to SaaS services. Last month one of such connectors was the MSN Weather that gives you the ability to read the current weather...

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  • PowerApps for Creators

    I thought on sharing an early draft of some of the content I’ve been creating on my spare time over the weekends to get some feedback on the table of contents and get your ideas for content that you would like to see. You can download an early draft here: Here is a copy...

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  • Creating a Calendar App using PowerApps

    For this simple example, we are going to be building an application that allows you to display a 7-day-calendar-like navigation for users to select a day. As you select the dates, it highlights the date by using a different color for the font and draws a circle around the selected date. Figure 1. Calendar application...

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  • Using Azure Functions in PowerApps

    In this blog I want to show how easy is to use the newly introduced Azure Functions from a PowerApps. Azure Functions provides a very convenient and easy way to develop custom logic called Functions that runs in the cloud and without the need to worry about the hosting solution at all. You can do...

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  • Install IIS SEO Toolkit in Windows 8.1

    Today I was trying to install the SEO Toolkit in IIS 8.5 running in my Windows 8.1 desktop machine. It appears that the Web Pl has not been updated to allow the installation of it, but you can easily install it if you use the MSI directly so feel free to install them from: