IIS 7.0 Trace Viewer

There is a 90% chance I have to use the "Failed Request Tracing" feature (FRT) when I'm troubleshooting IIS7 issues. To be honest, I stopped turning it off. Tracing is so useful and fast that I don't see why I should disable it on my development box. I have a rule that catches all requests (status code 200-500) and there is no negative impact.

The problem was so far that I always had to shell out to the command-line to open my trace files.

 Not anymore. The IIS7 Trace Viewer is an IIS7 User Interface Module that shows me my site's trace files.

Trace Viewer

IIS7 Trace Viewer Features

  • Trace View icon per site. Automatically enumerates all your trace files.
  • Shows trace filename, file size, file date, requested Url, HTTP status code, Application Pool and Time Taken in list format. Supports sorting of these columns.
  • Double-click on a row and the trace file will open in Internet Explorer.
  • Completely remoteable and delegateable for hosted enviroments.  
  • Update via F5.
  • Install program included.


Download the ZIP file, expand the two files traceviewer.dll and traceviewInstall.exe to a directory and execute traceviewInstall.exe.


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