Writing Extensible Providers for WebDeploy V1 RTM

During the RC timeframe of Web Deploy, we published a couple of sample custom providers that help you understand how to extend msdeploy. One of them is the dbFullMySql custom provider that can sync MySql databases and the other is the batch file provider that can remotely execute a batch command.

There were a number of changes since RC of the Web Deployment tool. So these older versions of the custom providers do not work anymore on RTM version of the Web Deployment Tool. You can download the newer versions of both these providers from here. You will need to Web Deployment Tool RTM installed in order to be able to see the working of these providers. All you need to do is drop BatchProvider.dll and MySqlCustomProvider.dll into a folder called Extensibility (this needs to be created by the user) under “%programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy”. The Web Deployment Tool’s command-line executable msdeploy.exe, the Agent Service msdepsvc.exe and the Packaging UI will all pick up the provider from this location and start working seamlessly.

The functionality provided by dbFullMySql and Batch providers are already integrated into the Web Deployment Tool’s RTW release as dbMySql and runCommand providers. It is recommended that you use the official versions integrated into the product for enterprise level deployment and usage. The sample providers uploaded in this blog should be used as a starting point and learning material to write other extensible providers.

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