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  • pre-caching PHP Web Applications WITH wincache and Application Warm-up

    Using Wincache and Application Warm-Up together can allow you to create a cache for your PHP web applications before any request arrives. This will enable you to not only have scheduled server recycles without any downtime, but will also save you the initial compilation time of the first requests to a webpage.

  • PHP and Custom Error Pages

    When deploying PHP web applications that handle their errors with their own error pages, the existingResponse for Custom Error Pages feature of IIS should be set to “PassThrough” for that particular site. This greatly improves the customer experience when accessing your new application, particularly if your custom error pages are merely the defaults that come with IIS.

  • Automate FTP 7.5 installation and FTP site creation

    With the imminent release of Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 to the general public, some of you may want to automate the installation FTP 7.5 on the machine. Thanks to pkgmgr, this is made amazingly simple!
    To install both the UI and the FTP service, simply run the following command in an elevated cmd shell: