PAL - Performance Analyzer with IIS

PAL is a very good tool when it comes to analyzing perfmon data. This automated tool generates a nice report in html format which can be sent to customer’s directly. This tool is written by BizTalk PFE and few others. As this is a free tool, customers can download the tool on their own. Tool has built in templates for OS/Exchange/MOSS/AD/BizTalk/SQL with recommended(baseline) counter values specific to products and which can be customized further.

Check out these links for more information:

PAL Download -

Note: It requires Microsoft Log Parser. Log Parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to text-based data such as log files, XML files, and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Windows operating system such as the event log, the registry, the file system, and Active Directory® ,directory service. You may want to use this tool to query a significant amount of logging information.

You can download the Log Parser tool at

More Info on PAL Tool -

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