WINCACHE 1.0 RC - Using the statistics page

We did the Release Candidate (RC) release of WINCACHE today. For details look here. It is exciting to see this out as this gives more flexibility in running the software in production environment. One of the enhancement we have done in this release is to provide a brand new statistics page on popular demand. Lot of people asked about statistics page in the forum. We worked on a new statistics page which is really full of lot of information and will be very useful. It has got:

  • Authentication support. Since we are exposing some server statistics on this page we have secured it using basic PHP authentication. For implementation details look here.
  • If you have GD extension loaded it shows some nice graph regarding cache hit and miss.
  • Well applied CSS with buttons to support different statistics like file cache, output code cache and relative path cache statistics.

This file is named 'wincache.php' and is never cached. So this means you will get real time statistics about your cache. This file can be found at:

If you have installed WINCACHE through Web Platform Installer

This will be present at 'C:\Program Files\IIS\Windows Cache for PHP' on x86 machine and 'C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS\Windows Cache for PHP' for x64 machine.

If you have installed it manually using the extractor

This will be present in the same folder where you have extracted the binaries.

In order to use this page, you must do the following:

  • Change the default password. The default password is set to 'wincache'. So please change it to something else.
  • After you have edited the password, put this somewhere in your WEBROOT folder, I would not put it at WEBROOT folder but rather in some folder under WEBROOT folder whose name is known just to me. Another level of security.
  • Access the page in the browser using the appropriate address. The browser will popup the authentication dialog. Enter your username and password and you will be able to see the statistics.

I would also suggest that you should change the default user name in the 'wincache.php' file. The default user name is 'wincache'. This will give you additional level of security.

One important note, in order to have this work in php.ini file directive cgi.rfc2616_headers should be set to 0 which is the default value.

I hope you will like the new release. We have worked very hard for this. If you have any suggestion do report it back to us. If you want to report a bug or problem with installation etc. use the WINCACHE forum.

Thanks for patient reading and good bye for now.



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