Silverlight on Xbox 360 demo at Cannes

Some of you have asked me about Scott Guthrie's twitter mention of the Xbox 360 Silverlight advertising demo at Cannes. So, yes, Silverlight 3 is coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. We're mainly discussing this in the context of advertising at this point.

We've got some more info up about it at the (reliably interesting and informative) Silverlight Team Blog.

There's plenty to read there, but here's the overview:

On Tuesday, June 22nd at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2009, Microsoft announced it will bring Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recognized rich media technologies including Silverlight to Xbox LIVE within the next year.  By extending support to technologies like Silverlight, Xbox LIVE will offer advertisers and creative designers scale and reach with their campaign creative assets, enabling them to build and deliver interactive, interconnected experiences that are unlike anything else on television, and extend these experiences across multiple screens – the TV, the PC, and Mobile.

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